Dr. Virk - Dentist

Dr. Virk is our general dentist who graduated from The University of Nairobi and ever since has gained a wealth of experience in Hospital, Community and General Family dentistry. She especially enjoys Paediatric and Geriatric dentistry as she finds these two fields highly rewarding.

Dr. Virk actively undertakes continuous education in courses that have added additional skills to her already experienced roll. She has attained a certificate for a course in Implantology at the Implant & Aesthetic Academy from South Africa and also attended a course for basic Orthodontics by the Institute of American Orthodontics.

She is a fitness aficionado, a self-proclaimed food connoisseur, an amateur violinist and enjoys a multitude of Latin and Asian dances.

Dr. Virk is registered with the Kenya Dental Association and The Kenya Medical and Dental practitioners Board.